The Only at Home Lead Detection Kit You Need to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Kids with Eric Ritter

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Could you be unknowingly exposing your family to lead? Most of the time, people don’t start testing for lead until after the exposure, and maybe even poisoning, has already occurred. Today’s guest, Eric Ritter, noticed this issue and made it his mission to make testing a more preventative measure.

Eric Ritter, also known as @EricEverythingLead, is a great resource if you’re anxious about lead exposure! First, he developed an affordable swab test. But once he realized how the tests were being used in a way that wasn’t all that reliable, he created a product that accurately detects lead, is simple (and even fun) to use and can prevent lead exposure in your home. The Fluoro-Spec Test is a glowing lead detection kit that is transforming how we identify lead contamination in our homes.

In this episode, we delve into the science behind lead testing kits, address the issue of false positives with traditional lead tests, and underscore the importance of precision in public health. From the dishes in your China cabinet to the water you’re drinking every day, lead exposure is a risk. But let’s not get too obsessive about it! It’s also not healthy or possible to try to avoid lead exposure altogether.

Lead contamination is not just an issue of the past; it continues to affect many households, especially older ones. Eric and I discuss the exacerbating factors like water quality issues, drawing parallels to infamous cases such as Flint, Michigan. We offer practical advice on mitigating lead exposure, the historical context of lead poisoning, and the psychological impact on parents.

Learn about the importance of monitoring water quality, testing household items, and staying vigilant against environmental toxins to ensure your family’s safety. Join us for this enlightening conversation that promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to combat lead contamination effectively.

In This Episode:

  • Lead testing and accuracy
  • Lead exposure sources
  • Dangers of lead poisoning
  • Lead regulation
  • Water quality and lead contamination

Eric’s Lead Test Kits

Sometimes the dangers of lead poisoning go over people’s heads because there’s a lot of scientific jargon. It’s not something easily communicated to make people take it seriously. But Eric’s test kits make testing for lead fun! 

Traditional test kits send you a swab that you dip in vinegar and then wipe it on the wall. If it turned red, you had lead.

With Eric’s kit, you use a spray or drip on a surface and shine a UV light over it. If there’s lead presence, it will glow very obviously. It’s super obvious that it’s toxic since it’s converting the lead into a glowing form. It’s turning into these tiny crystals that reflect the UV light as green. They’re called perovskite crystals. Since it’s doing that, it’s not dissolving the lead. Unlike the swabs, where small amounts of lead can’t be picked it up, with the Fluoro-Spec, if you have even one speck of dust that you probably can’t even see with your eyes, you can see it glowing. The test is powerful to determine where lead dust hazards are especially. 

There are so many tests – 170 sprays in bottles and 3,600 drips in the drip bottle. It’s incredible. It enables people to basically have lead vision and test their entire house for a third of the cost of a lead inspector.

The Accuracy of Lead Tests

Have you ever bought a test on Amazon or seen a video of someone testing their house for lead? There’s a lot of fear about lead poisoning. However, some lead tests can pick up other things that aren’t lead but make you think it is. 

A lot of the tests sold on on Amazon are orange-tipped swabs and don’t just react to lead, they will react with things like zinc or copper easily, giving a red-colored complex, which looks like a positive result. That’s caused a lot of stress amongst parents when it looks like a zinc zipper on their baby’s zip-up outfit has lead.

Lead Poisoning

People assume lead poisoning comes from consumer products. However, the cause of the majority of lead poisoning depends on where you’re at and the situation. If you live near an old smelting facility, your soil has a ton of lead. Or if you live in a house that was built before 1978, you may have lead paint, which may be turning into dust if it’s on a window or a surface that gets friction. Eric has seen a lot of upstate New York homes with front porches with lead paint and people track that inside. 

If you have a house built before 1988, you may have a lead water service line (the pipe that runs from the street to your home.) That’s where the lead gets into the water supply. Lead pipes aren’t always dangerous; it depends on the quality of the water. Take Flint, Michigan for example. The town had the same pipes forever, but they changed the water supply and the water was more acidic. The acidic water broke down the lead in those pipes and put the lead into the water.

If you’re worried about lead poisoning, check these areas:

  • Pipes
  • Paint
  • Products in your home (dishes, an old toy, etc.)
  • Soil

How to Reduce Lead Exposure in Your Home

There are many ways to reduce lead exposure in your home and environment. By following these strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk of lead exposure and protect you and your loved one’s health.

  • Use Eric’s lead test to find lead in your home. (code WENDY10 for 10% off)
  • Regularly wet-mop floors and wet-wipe surfaces to minimize dust.
  • Use a certified water filter for drinking and cooking.
  • Regularly wash children’s hands, toys, and other objects that they frequently put in their mouths.
  • Use a HEPA vacuum cleaner to reduce lead dust.
  • Remove shoes before entering your home to avoid tracking in lead from soil.
  • Eat a diet rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin C, which can help reduce lead absorption in the body.

Lead poisoning is a real threat, but remember, like most toxins, you can never fully avoid it. Try to reduce your exposure to lead as much as possible. Some strategies are super easy to add to your routine! You can shop Eric’s lead test kits here. Follow him on Instagram to learn more about how to avoid lead. Thank you, Eric, for joining me on the podcast!

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