Stop Obsessing: Navigating a Toxin Free Lifestyle with Balance

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Let’s flip the script on holistic living, friends!   Say goodbye to obsessing about every single toxin you are exposed to.  This isn’t a a fad diet and you shouldn’t be depriving yourself.   Holistic Living is a lifestyle that nourishes your mind, body, emotions, and soul.  Say goodbye to anxiety-inducing toxin-free journeys that leave you feeling not enough.  It’s time to step back, reassess, and find a way to ditch the toxins..  but with balance.

In the latest graduating class of Toxin Free in 3, I’ve seen two different kinds of students.  The majority of them feel confident and positive and are looking forward to slowly creating a low tox life they ENJOY.   But there are some that are struggling with toxic perfectionism.

Yes,  toxins are everywhere, and it’s impossible to avoid them all.  But guess what?  Our bodies are incredible self-healing machines, capable of handling exposure.  The problem isn’t what you are exposed to sometimes, it’s about what you are exposed to all the time.

So let’s embrace doing it messy, not perfect.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The incredible breakthroughs being celebrated at the end of this cohort of Toxin Free in 3

  • The shame associated with not doing things perfect or not doing things right

  • How to enjoy with your life while protecting yourself, without constantly worrying about the toxins that surround us

Student feedback

There are two kinds of conversations I’m having with people. One of them is the majority of students get on these calls, and they’re just so excited and have found products they love. They feel proud that they’re using cleaner products. They feel more secure in providing a safe home for their kids. They’re talking to me about finding a hydroxyapatite toothpaste their five-year-old loves. There’s a joyous nature to these conversations.

But I also have a handful of people who seem anxious and overwhelmed. The common thread in all those conversations is that these students feel like they’re not doing enough or they’re not doing it right. Or maybe they purchased products they’re using every day but they don’t love them. There’s this feeling of stress in the air and that is not the goal of embracing a more toxin-free holistic lifestyle.

What I said to these students was this isn’t a diet. We’re not cutting calories. We’re not eating foods low in fat and have no sugar that we hate. This is a lifestyle This is a long-term forever lifestyle, and that takes time. It takes time to find products you love. It takes time to understand your priorities and what matters to you. It also takes time to fall in love with it and to feel happier. People who are living a more toxin-free and holistic lifestyle should be happy.

I looked up the definition actually, and I love it.

Holistic living: taking care of your entire self in mind, body, emotions, and soul.

It’s having the awareness that each of these areas connects and influences one another. It’s so true. Imagine you are walking the aisles at the grocery store and you’re trying to find laundry detergent, and you cannot find one that is free of all the chemicals and toxins. You’re so deflated, and you just grab something to get out of there. Then, every time you use it, you think about how many toxins are in it. This is terrible for me… I’m poisoning my family… These are words I’ve heard from people. I’m not trying to be dramatic! These are thoughts that go through people’s heads.

You don’t have to be perfect.

There’s so much shame associated with not doing things perfectly. You do not have to do things the way other people do them. Your way of living has to align with your personal, emotional, family, and financial needs. Your ability to take in new information and to adjust to change also plays a role.

We have been so manipulated by companies to think that strong synthetic scents equals clean. So your house isn’t clean if it doesn’t smell like pine, saw, or lemons. These strong scents that manipulate our noses and the advertising that convinces us don’t just go away. When some people switch to toxin-free cleaning products, they’re like, “It doesn’t smell clean.” It takes a lot of time to get used to that. That’s why I tell people to put some essential oils they love the smell of into whatever cleaning product they’ve chosen until it smells a way they’re more familiar with. Then, you can slowly move away from it, but that emotional reaction is real; you want your home to smell clean. There is nothing better than walking into a clean home!

I don’t want your need to feel like you have to be perfect to stop you from progressing. Better is still better. I know that I deep dive into ingredients, and I provide lots of options for you to have the cleanest options available. But if you’re walking through Target and you grab some Honest Company makeup or those big bottles of Jason brand body soap, they may not be perfect, but they are so much better than the conventional garbage that’s out there sitting on those shelves that you walked past and you didn’t grab. That is a win in and of itself, and you should celebrate that! There certainly shouldn’t be any shame in that either.

There are toxins everywhere. You cannot avoid them all, and you shouldn’t even try. Our bodies are amazing, self-healing machines. We can handle being exposed to toxins. The problem with our generation and over the last fifty years with all of this chronic illness is the massive overflow and exposure of toxins. Anything you can do to reduce that exposure is good.

Find what works for you.

You have to enjoy your life, create what you want, figure out the good you want to bring into the world, and then bring it. Maybe that means you’re setting an example for your friends or neighbors by buying better. Maybe you’re deciding to lower the toxin load for your family. Whatever is right for you is right for you.

It’s been enlightening and amazing to get to know all of my Toxin Free in 3 students over the last three months. This course has evolved. It used to be just a mini email course I gave to my Young Living customers.

Now it’s grown into this amazing roadmap to creating a toxin-free life you love. We go through ingredients, what they are, what they mean, and what the issue is with them. I will teach you how to read labels. If you’re in grocery stores, you know exactly what you’re looking for. You learn how to prioritize your highest exposures and the things you can do that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

It’s twelve weeks and twelve lessons. At the end of three months, you will be an expert on what you need to reduce the toxic load in your home. You have a plan, and you know what’s important to you. That’s all that matters to me. I can’t wait to get to know you and find out what matters to you in Toxin Free in 3.

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