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Toxin free living for real life.

Your go-to virtual destination for all things non-toxic living and natural wellness.

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Helping you toss the toxins, without the stress.

I’m an environmental toxins lawyer showing real life women how to live a more holistic and toxin free life… without giving up your sanity or blowing your budget. Stop wasting your time googling and guessing… stick around and get cozy while enjoying your new favorite one stop shop for all things living your best low tox life.

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Bite sized, binge worthy episodes about tossing the toxins out of your life, simply!

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All things toxin free free living and holistic living for everyday life.

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Tossing the Toxins Guide

This free guide gives you your first 5 steps towards tossing the toxins out of your home that will make the biggest different for your health. 

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A one stop shop for all your clean living needs. You'll want to just go ahead and bookmark it now.

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can red light therapy actually heal your thyroid?

The Only at Home Lead Detection Kit You Need to Prevent Lead Poisoning

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The Science of Essential Oils Explained with Holly Brandenberger


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Eliminating phthalates & parabens can reduce breast cancer markers by 73%


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What the F*ck is an Endocrine Disruptor, Anyway?


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is there really mold in your coffee? & my clean coffee picks


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