Hi, I’m Wendy,
and I’m uber qualified; I promise!

I’ve done everything from make coffee as a bad ass Starbucks barista (free caffeine is 100% why I did so well in law school) to reviewing and analyzing environmental toxins regulations in Europe (fueled by Italian pizza and vino - which was awesome, although not as helpful as unlimited free caffeine).

I started working in environmental litigation over 15 years ago.  But, after my daughter suffered from severe eczema, the regulation of toxins (or lack thereof) in our water, air, soil and personal care products became my true passion.  

Morning sunshine, food before coffee, red light therapy, Ningxia Red and blue light blockers at night.

daily rituals

Guesting on podcasts, on coaching calls with my students and reading labels over on Insta.


Drama, fluff or scare tactics. You deserve honest information not theatrics.


Straight talk, short emails, citing your sources and a mocktail for every occasion.


I threw every single thing in my house that had a synthetic fragrance or dye out in to the trash and six weeks later, not only was my daughter's eczema gone, so were my migraines.

I understand how complicated the world of clean living and my goal is to make it simple and accessible to everyone, at every budget.  No one should suffer from the effects of toxin exposure.

I had suffered from migraines for decades, but my daughter's eczema was my wake up call! 

Anything Bensen Boone! (dreamy eyes)


Raw milk lattes


ACOTAR... if you know, you know!


Ningxia Red... duh!


Love is Blind... I admit it



Data shows it is mostly women who are the ones buying products for their families. If I can teach all the women out there how to read labels and avoid toxins…..  well, then that changes everything.

Educate all the ladies out there...


My every night blue light blockers.

Primally Pure's safe, organic, truly non-toxic skincare and products that actually work!

All-natural cleaning just got crazy simple with Thieves! Concentrated products means they last a really long time and you save money at the same time. 

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