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I don’t just care about clean, safe products.. I care about you and your family. Have you ever spent some time reading the ingredient labels on your skincare, but you don’t know what it is you are looking for? Not sure what’s toxic and what’s not? .. or even how to pronounce all that stuff?!!

Your health matters too much to be using toxin filled skincare.

I’m a toxins lawyer turned clean living coach. Once I started to get serious about my health, I learned how to read labels and I couldn’t believe what I had been putting on my body for all those years. Primally Pure is different. Every single ingredient is made with safe, clean, organic ingredients — and nothing else. None of the bad and all of the good stuff. This is one brand I trust in my home and with my family. 

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Whether it’s skincare, body wash, dry shampoo or all natural deodorant..  my home is full of Primally Pure products I love, made with only the best organic and regeneratively grown ingredients.

My fave Primally Pure products for 10% off!

The Citrus + Vanilla Deodorant

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My Double Cleanse System

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The Best Dry Shampoo (Ever!)

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The Anti-Aging Plumping Mask

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The Baby Oil (not just for babies!)

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The Dreamiest Body Washes

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The Best Beard Oil (seriously)

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Detox those pits!
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Your deodorant is one of the most toxic things you putting on your body. Aluminum salts clog your pores and back up your natural detox pathways and reproductive toxins are making their way in to your bloodstream through your pits. Primally Pure makes the most effective all natural deodorant in the clean beauty industry.  

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Sneak peek into my skincare routine

I use the plumping oil cleansing system for smoothing our fine lines and it makes my face feel, well.. plump!  

1. cleanse

Don't skip the toner

It's not a step you want to miss, it's prepping your face to absorb in all the goodness your about to put on it.

2. tone

Find your perfect serum

I’ve never been happier with how my skin looks since ditching the soap and embracing oil cleansing.

3. moisture

Wondering if you should try cleansing oil?

I know it sounds counter intuitive to wash your face with oil, but hear me out. Like attract likes and oil attracts dirt without over drying. My only regret is that I didn’t swap sooner. Think of it as your skin’s way of being and behaving. Your skin state is ever-evolving and changing with seasons, stress, and lifestyle shifts. Want a step by step guide to oil cleansing?  

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Safe and clean for baby, too

When it comes to toxins like hormone disruptors in skincare, babies are the most vulnerable. They are up to 20x more impacted by exposure to toxins than adults. I love Primally Pure’s baby line and wish I had it when my kids were little. This is my go to baby shower gift for all the moms in my life.

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Use WENDYKATHYRN to Save 10%

Are you ready to make the swap to cleaner, safer skincare.. that really works? 


When you my discount code (WENDYKATHRYN) I get an affiliate commission and you get 10% off — which I love because that helps me keep doing what I am doing and it saves you money. It’s a win-win.