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Updated: March 13, 2024

While I am not someone who wears a face full of makeup every day (hello, work from home, busy mom of 2!). BUT, I do love having a fresh face of truly clean makeup when I go out and more recently when I record my podcasts on video. I may not be a makeup artist, but I am a non toxic living expert! After suffering through thyroid and autoimmune issues (Hashimotos), I take what I put on my skin very seriously. All natural makeup that actually works used to be really hard to find, but thanks to the boom of the green beauty industry and the awareness of women like you who are reading this, there are some really amazing clean cosmetics brands out there to choose from. Here are my “totally obsessed with”, top picks.

While this is my most requested blog, it took over 6 months to write. Why so long? Because I had a favorite go-to clean cosmetics mineral makeup brand and after they broke my heart and discontinued the line, I had to start from scratch. Since I never recommend products that I haven’t personally used myself, it took that long to really give these clean brands a legit shot.

The other reason is that there were a LOT of them, which tells me that the tide is turning and women are getting pretty darn smart about what is in their products. At the end of the 6 months, I concluded that some performed pretty terribly, some were just so-so… and a handful were absolute GOLD.

When I started down this road of reviewing makeup, I wasn’t affiliated with any of these companies. I went in to this experiment fully unbiased and searching for the best truly clean products. After falling in love with a handful of products, I did reach out and ask if I could partner with them.

For full transparency (and I am big on transparency).. I do have some affiliate links below. For the record, I would scream these products from the rooftops even if they had told me no, but I am so happy they said yes. Purchasing any of the products listed via my links will not cost you anything, but it helps me continue to keep reviewing and testing clean beauty products and sharing my faves in the future.

OK.. now let’s get to the good stuff. This blog post only has the products I am currently using on the daily. You can shop the clean cosmetics section of my Toxin Free Shopping Guide for a ton more options!

What “Clean” Means to Me

I’ve been reading labels and working in toxins regulation for over 15 years and I think it’s important for you to know what I mean when I say “non-toxic”. I have a master list of toxins called my “avoid list” that you can read for yourself, but when it comes to makeup, there are some very specific things that I look for when a brand is marketing themselves as clean.

These days, you practically need a PhD in chemistry to read product labels and the question of toxicity isn’t always black and white. My standards are stricter than the Environmental Working Group and even what’s allowed in the European Union.

With so many options out there, I just don’t think it’s necessary to take the risk that these ingredients carry. I don’t consider any product that has synthetic lake dyes (ex. Lake Red 6) ), Phenoxyethanol, or Bismuth Oxychloride “clean.” I also choose to avoid silicones like Siloxanes and yes, even Dimethicone. While there is no hard evidence that Dimethicone is toxic, it is a synthetic silicone that is terrible for the environment, can clog pores and doesn’t play well with essential oils (which my skincare products are full of).

Ok.. Let’s get to the good stuff…


With Simplicity Liquid Foundation ($38): This stuff is what clean beauty dreams are made of. I’m not going to lie, I have never been much of a foundation wearing kind of gal. I like my skin to be able to breathe and always preferred tinted sunscreens to foundations. I spend a lot of time outdoors and was never interested in anything heavy on my face. I also like a moisture rich, dewey formula and that is hard to come with clean ingredients. But, I hit the jack pot with With Simplicity! It feels more like skincare, with hydrating jojoba oil and organic aloe vera, so it doesn’t settle into fine lines, it just helps my skin look hydrated with a gentle plumping effect. I’m smitten and a convert now! Code WENDY10 gets you 10% off your first order.

Runner up (liquid foundation): If I needed more coverage for a fancy date or event, I’d probably grab Toups & Co. Liquid Foundation ($48). It’s sooooo good and all the companies still using toxic lake dyes should take a page out of their book! This is clean foundation done right. Code WENDY10 gets you 10% off every order.

Runner up (creme stick): Talk about convenient. Plain Jane Beauty ($36) makes a creme foundation stick that makes coverage on the go a breeze. It goes on smooth, blends well and gives a nice, full coverage and is buildable. The ingredients are top notch and clean.. just the way I like my makeup.

Kinfield Sunglow Tinted SPF:  On days where I don’t feel like wearing foundation, there is new kid in town that replaced my beloved Kosas Skin Oil (I was devastated to hear that Kosas is discontinuing this fan favorite). Kosas isn’t a 100% clean brand, but their tinted face oil was amazing! Once I got over my grief.. I started looking for something similar and I have to say.. I actually prefer the Kindfield Sunglow version! It’s pack a serious moisturizing punch and has superior skin soothing benefits from ingredients like like Jojoba and Rosemary Extract. I was in love the first time I put it on my face.

Lily Lolo Cream Concealer ($21): I rarely use concealer, but my 12 year old daughter had become quite the makeup artist and she helped me test concealers. We both loved Lily Lolo’s cream concealer, not just for it’s convenience, but also because of the coverage. The ingredient list is short and simple, but don’t let that fool you… it covers up like a dream.

With Simplicity Mineral Foundation ($28): If you were a former Savvy Minerals customers and are searching for mineral foundation that is clean, has no fillers and is buildable, this is for you. It’s SO close to Savvy and builds like a dream. I just happen to prefer a liquid foundation. Code WENDY10 gets you 10% off your first order.

Cheeks, Bronzer, Highlight

I live on a lake and spend a good amount of time outside, so putting on bronzer or blush has never been a big part of my daily makeup routine, but I sure did find some that I love! Even if I don’t wear them every day, a little bit of color on my cheeks always makes me feel refreshed.

Toups & Co. Cheek Tint ($32)  This little multi stick (Pink Frost is my summer staple) might have turned me in to a blush fan. I love that I can use it on my cheeks and eyes in a pinch! It gives me just the right amount of natural glow pink and the pigment lasts all day long. Code WENDY10 gets you 10% off every order.

Plain Jane Beauty Luminizer Stick ($30)  I am seriously obsessed with this product and honestly.. if I had to just wear one thing on my face before leaving the house, it might just be this! I put a little on my cheeks, the inner corners of my eyes, my cupids bow, and right at the tip of my nose. It’s simple and well…. just perfection.

With Simplicty’s Mineral Pressed Bronzer($44) Getting a rich, deep color when using minerals isn’t nearly as simple as synthetic dyes. Whatever magic blend of ingredients this has in it, it was the longest lasting bronzer and richest color of all that I tested. Code WENDY10 gets you 10% off your first order.

OGEE Contour Collections ($138): I wasn’t holding my breath that I’d find a clean contour system that was easy to use and looked amazing, but I was wrong! If you love a good contour and want a super clean option, you are going to want OGEE. It’s clean luxury at it’s finest!

For Your Eyes

Lily Lolo Golden Hour Eye Shadow ($34): My most asked question on Instagram?? What eye shadow do I use! I have really bright green eyes and I loooove a good sunset color to make them pop. The Golden Hour set is where it’s at!! You won’t regret it one bit.

Plume Science Liquid Eye Liner($30): I really didn’t think I’d find a clean liquid eyeliner that didn’t run, but I did! I’t’s long wearing and doesn’t smudge, but also super easy to take off at night. Big, big fan.

Plume Science Brow Gel ($32): When I was in college, I got my eyebrows waxed and broke out in to the worst rash all over my face. Since that day I have never waxed, plucked and even touched my eyebrows. Someone reached out to me and told me that I had to check out this brow gel and brow pencil for my review and can I just say I am so glad they did. I didn’t realize I was living under an eyebrow makeup rock! What a difference a little brow love makes. Plume science knocked it out of the park with this duo.

Honest Company 2 in 1 Mascara ($20): Hear me out on this…. I know you can grab this at Target, and you now what? You should go to Target and buy it. I did find some mascara I like, but this one I really loved. Not everything that Honest makes is clean, but this mascara is and I really love that it is a primer and lash lengthener all in one. I am really sensitive to mascara and was happy to find something so accessible and clean!

For Your Lips

Primally Pure Lip Balm (set of 5 for $18): It’s no secret that my fave lip balm is Primally Pure and I have them stashed everywhere throughout my house. The grass fed tallow and cocoa butter make is so dreamy! If you aren’t a big fan of tallow based products, my very close runner up is Young Living’s Lip Balm.

Araza Lip Color ($26): Finding lip color without Titanium Dioxide wasn’t easy. The majority of clean companies have it in their lip colors. While I don’t avoid all makeup with Titanium Dioxide, I do avoid it in my lip color because whether you realize it or not, you ingest your lipstick all day long and ingesting Titanium Dioxide is a hard pass for me. It’s actually fairly difficult to find a Titanium Dioxide Free lipstick, even among clean companies. Araza makes this amazing lipstick / gloss hybrid and it’s super moisturizing without being sticky. Big fan!

MG Naturals Lipstick ($19) Want a traditional lipstick? MG Naturals lipsticks were my hands down favorite. I may have even tried out a deep red for a hot minute (ooohh la la!).. but Wild Rose ended up being my go to! The pigments are so deep, you may even forget it’s toxin free!

Getting Started with Clean Makeup

Makeup really is super personal and everyone loves different things. My opinion about what I loved came from a place of what was simple, looked naturally and stayed on throughout the day. But you might be looking for something completely different!

It can feel overwhelming when you start looking around for clean beauty products and reading labels can feel confusing. Just take it one step at a time. Replace your makeup as you finish your old products and replace one thing at a time. If you are wondering what makeup you should start with first from an exposure perspective, start with what you wear the most and that cover the most skin. So think about your tinted SPFs and foundation. Your lips would be next, followed by your cheeks and eyes. Welcome to clean beauty… you totally got this. Not sure what brands or products are actually clean? I got you! You can find the full list here.

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