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Grab a cup of whatever floats your boat, get comfy and dig in to these bite sized, binge worthy episodes breaking down all the things from avoiding toxins to holistic health.

the toxin free podcast

All things holistic health, natural remedies, balancing hormones and addressing root causes of your health issues.

I've got you when it comes to...

How to ditch the toxins without losing your sanity or breaking your bank.. and why it’s important to your health.

Busting myths and telling you the truth about what the toxins and products industry doesn’t want you to know.

Empowering you to take control of your health and find a balance that works for you.

- jennifer

"Wendy spells it out with data to back it up. Whether your new to toxin free living or well-versed, I highly recommend the Toxin Free(ish) podcast"

- maria g.

"Wendy makes spotting toxins and choosing toxin-free alternatives a breeze!  A must listen. "

- rosemary

"Wendy makes toxin free living so simple and stress free. I'm obsessed with this podcast."

Thyroid issues, infertility, PCOS, Hashimotos... It all starts with what’s in your home.. what you drink, eat, breathe and put on your skin. Toxins are everywhere and there is no such thing as being completely toxin free…that low tox life is where it’s at. 

We’ll tackle topics like the health problems you really care about.

If you are anything like me, you are a busy, modern woman, craving simple, stress free and sustainable ways to live a more natural way of life. 

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can red light therapy actually heal your thyroid?

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Eliminating phthalates & parabens can reduce breast cancer markers by 73%


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What the F*ck is an Endocrine Disruptor, Anyway?


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is there really mold in your coffee? & my clean coffee picks


All about your host (that's me, Wendy!)

I’m an environmental toxins lawyer showing real life women how to embrace a more holistic low tox lifestyle. After years of suffering from migraines, misdiagnosed hypothyroidism, a miscarriage and eventually, a Hashimotos diagnosis, I learned that the toxins in my products played a HUGE roll. Women deserve to know what they are putting on their bodies and what’s it’s doing to our health. This podcast is a love letter to all the women who have been told their symptoms were “normal.”  

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Tossing the Toxins Guide

This free guide gives you your first 5 steps towards tossing the toxins out of your home that will make the biggest different for your health. 


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