EMF and Your Health: 10 Practical Ways to Minimize Your Exposure

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Is EMF a Real Health Problem?

One simple question from a client asking about whether I knew how to find a low EMF baby monitor sent me down a rabbit hole that completely changed my relationship with technology. Finding a low EMF baby monitor seemed like a simple task, but it opened my eyes about electromagnetic fields (EMFs), Wi-Fi, and the underbelly of our tech-driven world.

That rabbit hole unraveled the complex science, regulatory politics, and the alarming risks associated with 5G, Wi-Fi, and cell phones.  The interesting part about this topic is that this “invisible toxin” is everywhere, but because there is so much confusion online about whether it’s really a risk, or if tin foil conspiracy theorists are just a bunch of quacks.

It’s not a convenient truth to hear that the phones we are constantly glued to and the Wi-Fi we rely on could be putting you at risk for cancer, infertility, or migraines . Rather than dive deep in to the complicated (and controversial science), I’ll be sharing 10 simple steps to shield yourself and reduce your exposure, along with some lessons learned from my personal journey of digital detoxification.

Understanding EMF Exposure

You might have heard of Electromagnetic Fields, or as they’re commonly known, EMFs. But what are they exactly? Simply put, these invisible areas of energy are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting, communications, systems and other forms of electronics.

What is EMF?

The term ‘EMF’ is commonly utilized to denote waves that come within the scope of the electromagnetic spectrum. This includes everything from X-rays and microwaves to visible light itself. But for purposes of this conversaion, we’re primarily concerned about low-level radiation from everyday devices.

Common Sources of EMF

Many household items you wouldn’t give a second thought can be sources of constant exposure to EMFs. Does this list of household devices sound familiar? Cell phones, laptops, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, indoor lighting, smart electricity meters, Alexas in every room, apple watches and even microwave oven? What about smart TVs, Ring systems or automated lighting systems? Homes these days even have “smart” cooling and heating systems that run off wifi signals.

According to NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences), all these devices emit non-ionizing radiations which form part our daily dose. This raises the question – why should I care? Well… imagine living under the sun 24×7. Not ideal right? That’s essentially how most modern homes operate when it comes to being bathed in constant levels of low-grade electromagnetic fields.

EMF Safety Standards

You’d expect that the United States would have some pretty serious safety standards for the health impacts of EMF exposure.. but you’d be wrong. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wrote the safety rules for cell phone radiation back in 1996.. yep, that’s right.. during the age of pagers, dial up modems and Nokia phones. (I was rocking a pager in 1996). A lot has happened since 1996 and we know so much more about how EMF impacts our health.

In 2019, the Environmental Health Trust sued the FCC for not considering new science or comments from the public when they decided that the rules from 1996 were “still good” and made no changes. To give this some context, both Russia and China have EMF radiation safety standards that cap the amount of radiation at levels 100 times LESS than the U.S.

The court found the FCC ignored numerous organizations, scientists and medical doctors who called on them to update limits and the court found the FCC failed to address these issues: Impacts of long term wireless exposure, impacts to children, the testimony of people injured by wireless radiation, impacts to wildlife and the environment, impacts to the developing brain and reproduction.

So, basically the Federal Agency responsible for keeping us safe isn’t doing such a great job.

Health Risks Associated with EMF Exposure

When it comes to the health risks associated with EMF, my favorite resource is “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs” by Nicolas Pineault. It’s a quick and easy and science packed read that delivers complex scientific concepts in simple terms. It packed fulled of published data that you can read through and decide for yourself whether you think you should be concerned.

My personal assessment? There is more than enough data out there to convince me that higher EMF exposure leads to higher incidence of brain cancer, male infertility and symptoms of Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity.. like migraines, nausea and brain fog.

European Union EMF Safety Standards

It’s probably not that big of a surprise to hear that the EU takes EMF safety a lot more seriously. Recently, France told Apple to get it’s iPhone 12 out of the country or fix an issue that was causing their phones to emit higher levels of radiation than what was allowed. In 2021, the European Parliament released a research report “Health Impact of 5G” that concluded that commonly used RFR frequencies (450 to 6000 MHz) are probably carcinogenic for humans and clearly affect male fertility with possible adverse effects on the development of embryos, fetuses and newborns.

Yikes.. well.. that was enough for me.

10 Practical Tips to Reduce EMF Exposure

Here are ten practical ways you can limit your exposure to EMF.

#1 Limit Screen Time

Start with the basics: reduce screen time. By doing so, we cut down on our exposure to the EMFs emitted by screens. Taking this small step could potentially make a big impact.

#2 Opt for Wired Headphones

Rather than using bluetooth headphones, go old school and opt for wired ones instead. Better yet? Invest in a pair of tubed wired headphones that reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to. I’ve got a pair from Bon Charge that I’ve been using for years.

#3 Use Shielding Products

A variety of products available today claim to shield against EMFs – from phone cases and laptop pads. But, buyer beware, a lot of that technology isn’t validated and can often lead to MORE exposure. Do your research before purchasing any product claiming such benefits. After doing extensive research, I’ve got my favorites.. keep reading to find out with brands my the top of my list.

#4 Create Distance

The farther away you are from an emitting device like a cell phone or computer, the less exposed you will be. Don’t put your laptop on your lap or your phone in your bra ladies. The further away the better.

#5 No Electronics in the Bedroom

Make sure this sacred space remains free from electronic gadgets as much as possible; it’ll help improve sleep quality too. Not ready to kick your phone out of your room? Opt for airplane mode and put it on the opposite side of your room.

#6 Get Unplugged

Disconnect devices from the power source when not in use. Unplugging devices when not in use can help conserve energy while also reducing the EMF levels in your home. If possible, turn off Wi-Fi at night too – small steps like these significantly decrease daily EMF exposure. It’s not enough to simply turn off a device, you gotta pull the plug.

#7 Use That Speakerphone

Avoid holding mobile phones directly against your ear – using speaker mode is much better for minimizing direct radiation exposure.

#8 Cover your Smart Meter

Smart Meters are a significant source of EMF in your home and you can call your electric company and have the swap it out for a good ole’ analog version. There really isn’t a good reason why you need to be transmitting your electricity consumption all day long. Another option is to cover your smart meter with a Faraday Cage, which would reduce your EMF output significanlty.

#9 Ditch the CPF Bulbs & Dimmer Switches

Modern conveniences like dimmer switches and compact fluorescent bulbs are wreaking havoc on your body in the form of “dirty electricity.” Modern conveniences, like dimmer switches, interrupt your electricity flow multiple times per second. Dimmer switches will mess with your ON/OFF around 120 times per second, resulting in “flicker”. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs? 20,000 times per second! Holy migraines…. makes so much sense now.

#10 Get Grounded

Getting outside and putting your bare feet in the ground, grass, dirt or sand is the best way to help balance out those EMFs.

EMF Blocking Devices & Stickers

When it comes to trusting EMF blocking companies, I’ve got some pretty high standards. They not only have to have a quality reputation, but they also have to have transparent lab results that actually PROVE their products work. In a world full of fake products being sold on Amazon by the millions, these are the companies that I have fully vetted and personally buy from. I chose to parter with 2 of these companies so that you can enjoy a discount. Just know that they are affiliate links and I do make a small commission when you use my links.

The Bottom Line

Minimizing EMF exposure doesn’t mean ditching all your gadgets. It’s about being smarter with how we use them. From limiting screen time to opting for wired connections, you’ve got practical tools at your disposal now. A low-EMF environment is not only possible but also crucial for a healthier lifestyle. And remember, every little step counts in this journey! You’re armed with knowledge and resources to further explore the world of EMFs. But it doesn’t stop here – continue educating yourself and others around you. Incorporating these tips into daily life might seem daunting initially but stick with it!

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