Behind the Scenes of Farm Made Skincare with Sara from Willow Moon Farm

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I’m so excited to welcome Sara, the owner of Willow Moon Farm, to the podcast! Willow Moon Farm makes herbal skincare, and they homestead. We get our pork and chicken products from her, but she’s also my neighbor and friend.

We’re going to talk about all things skincare and what makes her skincare company so much different from other companies out there. She is one of the top companies on my toxin-free shopping guide in a lot of categories. I am obsessed with so many of her products.

This is a jam-packed episode! I hope you learn something new about farming and creating natural products.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Sara got started with clean living

  • Why she chose to grow her own herbs

  • Drying vs curing

  • Herbal infusion process

  • Balancing consumer demand and business ethics and values

  • My favorite products at Willow Moon Farm and how they’re made

  • Regenerative farming

  • Homesteading

  • Farm Club

Growing Quality Ingredients

Especially now with big companies investing in marketing, they spend millions of dollars saying they’re free of all these ingredients, but they’re not actually telling you what’s in it. Sara and Willow Moon Farm value transparency in where their ingredients come from and how their products are made.

Before, Sara was purchasing herbs online. The biggest thing that made her want to grow her own was the quality. Sometimes, she would get herbs that looked nice and smelled lovely. Other times, Sara would get herbs online, and they would be crunchy and fall apart in her hands. They didn’t have much scent. She knew they were older herbs or weren’t good quality. The discrepancy would even happen from the same companies!

That’s when she decided she needed to grow her own. She had a lot of different experiences with low-quality ingredients, which is the main reason why Willow Moon Farm tries to produce as much as it can internally.

Skincare or Raising Meat?

I asked Sara what she loves more: making skincare or raising animals. Sara said she just loves being outside the most, whether that’s harvesting herbs, in the greenhouse, or delivering some babies from a pig or goat. She loves being outside and making non-toxic products for people. Sara’s been doing this for eight years, and she enjoys revamping products with new scents and making them even better for her customers.

Sara’s big goal is to own a bigger shop for creating skincare products and manufacturing. She envisions a bigger production shop and growing the Farm Club to ship their meat and other products to more families across the country.

My Favorite Products at Willow Moon Farm

As I mentioned, Willow Moon Farm is featured in a few categories in my toxin-free shopping guide. I love their products. A few of my favorites are:

I can’t recommend these products enough. They have the best ingredients and smells, and they’re made by a company doing different and better things. Use code WENDY10 to get 10% off your order at Willow Moon Farm!

About Willow Moon Farm

Founder Sara started creating skincare products back in 2016. When she was pregnant with her first son and wanted natural and safe products to use in their growing family, she couldn’t find products that met her standards. The majority of store-bought products are greenwashed, so she started making them herself, later sharing them with the community. She fell in love with herbalism and gardening and knew she wanted a profession that involved working with herbs and flowers.

There was also a need for organically raised meat, eggs, and plant starts in their community. They wanted to be that option. Sara has always said, “If you don’t have your health, then what do you have?” This statement is what geared her to build Willow Moon Farm into what it is today. They currently sell all their meat to their community. As they grow their operation, Willow Moon Farm will be offering shipping for premium meats so people across the country can experience the difference.

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