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With the popularity of Clean at Sephora growing, especially among teen girls, navigating clean products can get a little complicated. I want you to walk away from this episode armed with a little three-step hack you can use when looking at Sephora labels.

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What does BPA Free Mean

According to the CDC, 93% of Americans have detectable levels of BPA in their blood. But what does BPA-free mean when you see it on a label? Every time you shop for plastic products like Tupperware and water bottles, you’re faced with this message.  I think a lot of people see “BPA-free” as the start […]

What does BPA-Free Mean, Really? What are the Dangers of BPA (and How to Read Labels)

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If you’ve ever felt discouraged by the lack of nutrients in our food, this episode is for you. Regenerative farming can do absolute wonders for our planet, our food supply, the air we breathe, and so much more. Today I’m joined by Brett Packer, executive director of Young Living Essential Oils Farms. We’re unpacking the […]

The Healing Power of Regenerative Farming with Brett Packer from Young Living

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The makers of the popular toothpaste brand RiseWell were sued recently. Why? Well, two moms in the state of California filed suit and claimed that they took their mineral kids’ toothpaste, sent it off to a lab and it tested positive for PFAS chemicals. Now, RiseWell markets their toothpaste as PFAS-free, clean, nontoxic, and safe […]

Uncovering the Truth Behind RiseWell Toothpaste PFAS Allegations and Lawsuit

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best non-toxic cookware

When you’re making a nice meal for your family, the last thing you want to do is worry about chemicals leaching into their food from the pots and pans. On the flip side, it also stinks to have a bunch of crusty food firmly stuck to the pans once you’re done. It’s a constant battle […]

What is The Best Non-Toxic Cookware? Avoid PFAs When Cooking

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If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and are wondering whether or not it’s possible to heal, this episode is for you. After polling my audience, 80% of you wanted to hear about my journey to heal Hashimoto’s naturally, so that’s what you’re getting in today’s episode. Getting a Hashimoto’s diagnosis can feel so disheartening, especially […]

5 Things I Did to Heal my Hashimoto’s Naturally

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Welcome to your one-stop haven for all your clean living needs! Here, every ingredient undergoes my personal scrutiny, ensuring that none from my Avoid List make it into our curated selection. My dedication to transparency means partnering exclusively with brands that share my same values, providing you peace of mind with every purchase. Plus, discover my personal favorites in each category, handpicked to elevate your clean living journey.

The Toxin Free Shopping Guide

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