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With the popularity of Clean at Sephora growing, especially among teen girls, navigating clean products can get a little complicated. I want you to walk away from this episode armed with a little three-step hack you can use when looking at Sephora labels.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and are wondering whether or not it’s possible to heal, this episode is for you. After polling my audience, 80% of you wanted to hear about my journey to heal Hashimoto’s naturally, so that’s what you’re getting in today’s episode. Getting a Hashimoto’s diagnosis can feel so disheartening, especially […]

5 Things I Did to Heal my Hashimoto’s Naturally

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Could you be unknowingly exposing your family to lead? Most of the time, people don’t start testing for lead until after the exposure, and maybe even poisoning, has already occurred. Today’s guest, Eric Ritter, noticed this issue and made it his mission to make testing a more preventative measure. Eric Ritter, also known as @EricEverythingLead, […]

The Only at Home Lead Detection Kit You Need to Prevent Lead Poisoning in Kids with Eric Ritter

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welcome to the toxin free(ish) podcast relaunch

The Detox Dilemma podcast is getting an upgrade! Say hello to the Toxin Free(ish) podcast. Don’t worry, everything you loved about The Detox Dilemma podcast is here to stay, but a rebrand was to bring true alignment across my business and podcast. If you’re new here, I’m your host, Wendy. Today, we’re going behind the […]

Welcome to the Toxin Free(ish) Podcast! The Detox Dilemma Podcast 2.0


Can Red Light Therapy actually heal your thyroid? This episode of the Detox Dilemma explores the science behind red light therapy and what is says about healing your thyroid.

Can Red Light Therapy Actually Heal Your Thyroid?

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Discover the transformative journey from nurse to certified aromatherapist. Dive into the science-backed benefits of essential oils and learn how they can enhance wellness. Don’t miss this exclusive interview!

From Nurse to Aromatherapist: The Science of Essential Oils

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Welcome to your one-stop haven for all your clean living needs! Here, every ingredient undergoes my personal scrutiny, ensuring that none from my Avoid List make it into our curated selection. My dedication to transparency means partnering exclusively with brands that share my same values, providing you peace of mind with every purchase. Plus, discover my personal favorites in each category, handpicked to elevate your clean living journey.

The Toxin Free Shopping Guide

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